[MOG] Nice Volvo C304 for sale!

Ryan Gerrish rcgerrish at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 10:49:07 CDT 2011

There's a Gent over on the Volvo list selling his C304. I thought you Mog and Pinz folks might like to see it. It'd be in Arizona, and he's asking in the ballpark of $16k for it. Pics:


His description:

I have a 1975 C304 in very good condition.  Almost everything works,  there are a few things like the window washer that is not working.
All important mechanical things are in good working order and it drives and shifts very well.  It has 38.5x11x16 Super Swamper Boggers on it which put it right up there for rock crawling.

The entire cooling system has just been gone through and the radiator was rodded out.  The cooling system now works perfectly.

There is a 6K winch on the custom front bumper and a host of other things done to it to improve the performance.  

It has current plates on it and I hold clean title to the truck.

You can contact him  here:  jschaaf1 (at) cox.net


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